How Can You Spot Signs of Air Conditioning Trouble?

We don’t do anything small in Huntsville, TX, and unfortunately that applies to the weather as well as more interesting aspects of life. Heat and humidity are as outsized here as everything else, and when they hit, you want to make sure your air conditioner is working at its peak. The sooner a repair technician is alerted to the problem, the faster he or she can restore your system to full working condition. When heat waves hit, that can’t possibly come fast enough. How can you spot signs of air conditioning trouble? We’ve provided a quick breakdown of common symptoms below.

  • Noise. Noises are easy to notice, and can come in all varieties. The important factor is that the noise you hear does NOT arrive as a part of your air conditioner’s normal running cycle. If you hear anything unusual when your AC is on, shut if off immediately and call in a repair technician.
  • No cool air. Your system may be blowing air through your home, but if the air isn’t cool. It’s basically just a very expensive fan. A lack of cool air often stems from low refrigerant levels, which a technician can safely recharge.
  • Low air flow. Similarly, if the air is cool but it’s not getting circulated, your AC system is probably having trouble. Low air flow can stem from a blockage in your system, from a bent or broken fan blade, or from problems with the fan motor.
  • Higher bills. Sometimes, serious problems don’t announce themselves with anything specific you can notice. But they do increase strain on your system and force it to use more energy to do its job. That can result in higher bills, and if you think yours are too high even for the summer, then a trained service professional can help out.

Here at Ardon Maintenance, we pride ourselves on our ability to address any problem with your air conditioning system. Call us today to set up an appointment!

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