How Can I Lower My Cooling Bills This Summer?

Huntsville, TX, gets as hot and humid as any city in the country ever summer, and residents rely on their air conditioners to keep their homes cool and comfortable. Most of us are used to paying higher electric bills when the temperatures rise, and since you’re using your air conditioner more often, your pocketbook is going to take a hit. But just because you’re paying more doesn’t mean you’re not paying too much. There are ways to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency that can lower those bills and keep the pinch from hurting as much. “How can I lower my cooling bills this summer?” you ask. We’ve provided some handy tips.

Maintenance Improves Efficiency

Air conditioners benefit from regular maintenance sessions, in which technicians clean off the dirt, replace ruptured seals, and perform other types of upkeep. That helps reduce wear and tear on the unit, and help it do its job without expending as much energy. More importantly, it lets the technician spot potential trouble early, and schedule a repair session before the issue becomes a crisis. With regular maintenance sessions, you can extend the life of your system a great deal, ensuring that it will work efficiently for many summers to come.

Consider Energy Saving Upgrades

In addition to a regular maintenance session, you can add new components to your system to help you use less energy each summer. For instance, a new thermostat can allow you to program the temperature remotely from an app on your phone, while a zone control system lets you run the air conditioner only in those parts of the house you’re using.

For more tips on how to lower your summer cooling bills, or to schedule a maintenance session this spring before the heat rises, contact the experts at Ardon Maintenance today. Our trained staff will answer any questions you may have and provide options that fit your budget!

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