How Are Duct Breaches Repaired?

When your ductwork gets damaged, repairing it can be challenging and usually requires the services of a trained technician. But it’s often quite necessary. A breach in your ducts can cost you a great deal in lost cooling power: raising the price of your monthly utilities and increasing the strain on the core system. Hot air is pulled in or cool air pulled out of the breach, resulting in more effort needed to keep your home cool, as well as spreading dust and contaminants throughout your home.  In cities like Huntsville, TX, with high heat and stifling humidity, a duct breach can lead to further problems with your air conditioner as it struggles to keep up. Duct breaches can be repaired by qualified personnel, but what’s involved in the process? Here’s a quick look.


First of all, the technician needs to pinpoint the exact spot where the breach has occurred. Sometimes, this can be deduced by things like the noise of the air escaping or a lack of cool air coming from a specific vent. Otherwise, the technician can use a camera on a cable to find the spot of the breach and determine its exact nature.


Repairing the breach first means gaining access to it, which can be tricky depending upon the layout of your house. If the breach occurred at the link between two pieces of duct work, it might be able to be repaired simply by resealing it. Otherwise, the technician can cut a piece of new material that matches the dimensions of the breach and seal it closed that way. Along with materials matching your duct’s construction, the technician can use duct mastic or sealing tape to do the job. Either way, he or she will then run your air conditioner and test to ensure that the job is done correctly.

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