Hidden Problems You May Have in Your Plumbing System

So you don’t give your plumbing system much thought on a daily basis, but who would want to? Modern plumbing systems are designed so that we don’t have to worry about the water and sewage that flows through them, as pipes are hidden behind walls and underneath the property. Your fixtures are setup in such a way that they require minimal attention and care, but unfortunately all of these modern conveniences means it’s difficult to tell when something goes wrong with your plumbing.

We all know that an unexpected plumbing issue can turn into a disaster, causing water or sewage to flood onto your property. That’s why many companies offer preventive plumbing maintenance to give homeowners some peace of mind. Plumbing maintenance involves a thorough inspection, some cleaning, and an adjustment of the most important parts of your plumbing system, including the smaller parts like the garbage disposal and water heater. Here’s what may go wrong without an occasional tune up.

  • Leaky Pipes: You may have spotted a leak once before when water pooled underneath the sink or when your water pressure was significantly reduced. But a leak can remain fairly hidden, and most homeowners don’t notice there is a problem right away. A hidden leak may not cause much of an effect in your shower, but it could be leaking several gallons of water a day, costing you extra on your utilities, or else a sewage leak underneath your property may pose a health threat.
  • Impending Drain Clogs: Don’t wait until a drain has slowed or is stopped completely before scheduling service. With maintenance, a technician may notice a problem with your garbage disposal or buildup in the pipes that could lead to a clog later on.
  • Corroding Water Heater: Your water heater contains a component called an anode rod which attracts rust so that the water heater will not corrode. When this rod becomes rusted through it needs replacement or else rust can accumulate in the tank instead, which will lead to the need for replacement.

Protect your pipes, your property, and even your garbage disposal, by calling Ardon Maintenance today for professional plumbing maintenance in Madisonville, TX.

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