Heat Pump Repair Issues: Why Your House Is Too Cold

Heat pumps are fantastic ways of keeping your home warm during a Texas winter. Since the only serious drawback heat pumps have is a possible loss of heating ability due to sub-freezing temperatures, it’s rare for a heat pump in Texas to encounter much trouble providing the heat levels necessary for a cozy season.

If you find that your house is too cold even though the heat pump is still humming away and blowing out air, then the problem almost certainly a malfunction of some kind. When this happens, call on Ardon Maintenance for your heat pump repair needs in Huntsville, TX.

Here are the most common reasons for a heat pump not warming your home:

  • A broken reversing valve: The critical component that makes a heat pump different from a standard air conditioner is the reversing valve. This electrically controlled valve sits on the refrigerant line and alters the direction the refrigerant flows through the unit: one direction for heating, the other for air conditioning. If the valve malfunctions, your heat pump can become stuck in AC mode even though you need heat. If your house is cold and the air coming from the vents seems as if it is cooled, then the issue is likely the reversing valve, and you will need to call a technician to replace it.
  • Thermostat troubles: A thermostat that begins to read the wrong temperatures in your home (“ghost readings”) will cause your heat pump to begin to turn on and off at the incorrect times, resulting in a cold house and uneven heating. Ghost readings can occur because of poor thermostat placement (a thermostat sitting in direct sunlight will register a warmer temperature and keep the heating off) or a miscalibration. More malfunctions that may require replacement of the unit could be causing it.
  • Refrigerant loss: Flowing through your heat pump is a chemical blend called refrigerant, which is responsible for the heat exchange that makes your heat pump provide cooling and warmth. The refrigerant is at a set amount—known as its “charge”—which does not lessen during normal operation. But if leaks occur, the refrigerant loss will hinder the heat exchange and you will not get sufficient heating from your heat pump. (Or cooling in AC mode.) Professionals will locate the leaks, seal them, and recharge the refrigerant.

Heat pump repair requires years of training as well as specialized tools; you cannot expect to fix these problems on your own. When your house feels too cold even though your heat pump is running, you must bring in an expert in heat pump repair in Huntsville, TX to locate the source of the malfunction and repair it accurately.

And when you need those repairs fast, call on Ardon Maintenance: we not only have skilled technicians on staff, but they’re ready 24-hours a day for emergency service.

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