Good Reasons to Install a Heat Pump

We can never tell when we might need a new heater or air conditioning system, but if yours is on its last legs, now is a good time to consider a replacement. Cooling season is over for the next few months, and while the weather in Huntsville, TX has been chilly to say the least, it still falls well within the range to make heat pumps viable.

How it Works

That’s getting ahead of ourselves a bit. For starters, what it a heat pump? It’s a device that operates according to the same principles as an air conditioner – circulating refrigerant that first heats the air, then cools is as the refrigerant is shifted between a liquid and a gaseous state. The only difference is that air conditioners vent the hot air outside while releasing the cool air into your home. A heat pump has the option to reverse that: releasing the cool air outside and pumping warm air through your vents to heat your home in the winter.

The Benefits

The biggest benefit to owning a heat pump is improved savings on your heating bill, since the system doesn’t consume gas or other forms of fuel to generate heat. That translates to lower monthly energy bills compared to similar usage levels by a more traditional heaters. Heat pumps are also easy to use and don’t require a separate system the way a heater and an air conditioner might. Perhaps most importantly, a heat pump can be maintained and repaired by a qualified air conditioning technician in many cases, which means you don’t need to pay a lot of money out of pocket to keep the system running the way you need it to.

If a heat pump sounds like a good fit for your household, call the pros at Ardon Maintenance today!

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