Efficiency and Savings with Your Air Conditioner

Spring is here, and with it comes the prospect of trading your old air conditioner up for a new one. Or perhaps you’re just looking for ways to improve your existing system’s efficiency and save some money when summer hits Madison County, TX like a brick. The key determining factor in an air conditioner’s efficiency is the SEER rating, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the rating, the more cooling output your air conditioner produces for the fuel it consumes. High SEER ratings are definitely preferred to low ones, but that’s not the same as automatically saving you money. Cutting down on that bill means understanding how efficiency works.

Sizing Still Matters

The size of your air conditioner – the amount of cooling power it puts out – is connected to its efficiency, but isn’t the same thing. For instance, if you get a more efficient system that is underpowered for a house yours size, then that higher SEER rating won’t mean much at all. It will run far longer than it should, struggling to cool your home and driving your monthly bills up. You need to balance efficiency with the specifics needs of your home: size the system properly for your space, then find the SEER rating that works best for you.

Power Usage Should Be Monitored

Many people assume that a higher SEER rating automatically means saving money. It does…  but only if you use it the same amount of time that you used a comparative unit with a lower SEER rating. If you use it more often – running I for longer periods or keeping the temperature lower – then the efficiency goes into achieving that, instead of added savings on your bill. There’s nothing wrong with doing so, of course, but you should be aware of that decision so you’re not surprised when the bill is higher than you expect.

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