Don’t Break Down with Your Heater; Install a New One Instead

Some strange and unusual weather has moved through Texas so far this winter, and we won’t know what to expect for the next two months… or three, for that matter. It’s time to take stock of the heater you have working in your house to protect you and your family from the cold. How old is your current system, and has it experienced a recent string of malfunctions, repair needs, efficiency drops, or an increase in the costs to run it?

If you answered “yes” to any of those, then it might be time to have a new heater installed—before your old one breaks down for good.

However, you want to be sure that new heating installation in Madisonville, TX is your best choice. Call the professionals at Ardon Maintenance today to learn about your home heating options. 

When to Replace

Before you get into the serious decision-making process, consider the age of your heating system. Different systems have different lifetime expectancies. For example, heat pumps in general last for fewer years than furnaces, and furnaces last fewer years than boilers. Check the manufacturer’s expected lifetime for your unit. If it has already exceeded it by a few years, then put replacement high up on your list of options. You’ve already gotten an bargain from a heater that has worked for that long, and it’s cheaper to find a higher-efficiency replacement before you start needing to pay for more and more repairs.

Analyze your heating bills for the last few years. If you notice a steady increase that isn’t from standard inflation on fuel costs, then your heater is likely losing its original energy efficiency. Look at how much more you are paying, and compare it to the cost of a replacement with a unit that has superior energy efficiency to your current heater even when it was new. Sometimes the benefit will leap right out at you.

Finally, consider your current heater’s repair needs. If you find that, in addition to annual maintenance, you also have to schedule repairs frequently, then your heater is coming to the end of its service. A new heating system will start saving you money immediately with its trouble-free performance.

Talk to a Contractor About Your Options

If it’s time to replace, take the opportunity to look into different heating systems and their benefits. Talk to our Madisonville, TX heating installation experts at Ardon Maintenance. They’ll help you decide if you should replace, and what you should replace it with.

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