Distinct Features of Commercial HVAC Systems

Huntsville, TX sees both cold winters and hot summers, which means you need a reliable HVAC system to handle all of them. This is doubly true of commercial spaces, which many of us spend our days in as employees, customers or both. The heating and cooling needs of commercial spaces are much different than those of residences, so even though the way these systems generate and distribute conditioned air (either hot or cold), the specifics are vastly different. When it comes to installing, maintaining and repairing commercial HVAC systems, you need someone who understands their distinct features, and more importantly, how they can impact your bottom line. Here’s a basic breakdown for you, to understand why your company’s commercial HVAC system works the way it does.

Modular Units

In residences, you typically have one single centralized unit heating or cooling the air, though there are exceptions. With commercial spaces, however, that system just isn’t practical. HVAC systems have a power load that needs to match the specific needs of the building it has to heat or cool. With a home, that’s easy enough, but businesses change to meet the needs of the market: growing, shrinking and taking on new equipment that may need specific environmental conditions. It makes sense to heat or cool such a space with multiple modular units, which can be easily added or subtracted as the businesses change, rather than one single unit.

Rooftop Placement

Similarly, business space is always at a premium and anytime you can free up a few more square feet for employee space, storage space or the like represents a boon to your commercial endeavor. Rooftop placement of HVAC units allows you to make maximum use of that space without losing the effectiveness and ease of access that such a system requires.

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