Consider Installing a Generator This Spring

Everything comes bigger in Texas, and unfortunately, that can include the weather as well. Our civic electrical grid here in North Zulch, TX is very dependable, but nothing is guaranteed during a storm or tornado. Furthermore, if you live in a rural area away from the civic grid, you’ll need reliable electrical power regardless of what the weather is like. For all those reasons, a reliable generator for your home is a good investment this spring. If you’ve made that decision, fantastic! The next step is to discuss your options with a trained professional. Here’s a few tips to think about as you get started.

Make Sure You Get the Power Load Right

A generator has a power load indicating how much energy it can generate and thus how many appliances it can support. Ideally, it should be able to handle every appliance in your home, though budgetary concerns may make that number smaller. In any case, you need to have an energy audit performed covering exactly how much electricity each of your appliances generates, then prioritize those appliances based on order of importance in a crisis. (For example, your refrigerator is more important in a crisis than a video game system.) That way, you know what your generator can support and which appliances you need to keep turned off when running it.

Placement is Key

Make sure your generator is placed somewhere where it can access the power grid in your home, and where it can adequately ventilate any exhaust. It should also be somewhere that you can access easily in the event of bad weather, and you should set space aside nearby to hold any fuel you might need. (Make sure you know your generator’s fuel consumption rate and always have enough fuel available to run the generator for several days.)

Call on Ardon Maintenance for installation and advice on your new generator!

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