Common Repairs in a Radiant Heating System

Radiant heating systems are becoming increasingly popular in the Huntsville, TX area owing to their efficiency and generally lower costs. They involve coils or tubes installed beneath the floorboards of your home, which send heat upward through your feet or furnishings to warm the home. The principle has been around since the Roman Empire, and with modern technology, radiant heating systems can avoid problems such as drafts or cold spots while providing consistent savings on monthly bills. Like any other system, however, problems are inevitable, and the sooner you can spot them, the easier the ensuing repairs will be. Here are a few common repairs in a radiant heating system you should watch out for.


You don’t see many leaks in the heating tubes themselves, since they’re under the floor boards and rarely suffer external damage. Sometimes, however, leaks can form at the apex of the system, leading to decreased efficiency as well as problems associated with water leaking onto your furnishings. Always contact a professional before dealing with a leaking radiant heating system.

Pump Problems

Most radiant heating systems work by pumping heating liquid through the floor. If the pump runs into trouble – usually because of a faulty motor of problematic electrical troubles – the liquid will move more slowly through the system, which often means lowered efficiency and higher bills. A trained expert can usually hunt down the source of the slowed pump and get it corrected.

Faulty Burners

Radiant heating systems rely on a variety of means to heat the liquid that moves through their systems, and if that heater is compromised, so too is the system’s ability to do its job. Its effectiveness will go down, bills will go up and the chances of a major component breakdown will increase.

Any time you detect a problem with your radiant heating system, shut it down and call the pros at Ardon Maintenance right away!

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