Common Repairs a Boiler May Need

Boilers have been a reliable fixture in homes for centuries, and the design of today’s boilers dates back nearly 150 years. And a number of improvements in manufacturing make modern boilers sturdier than ever, with a small likelihood of corrosion, leaks, and other major repair needs. In fact, some experts claim that boilers require fewer repairs than furnaces, the most common home heating system in the U.S., because they have few moving parts and rely on a natural system of heat distribution.

Boiler’s heat up water so that it can be pumped to an endpoint like a radiator, baseboard unit, or through a set of pipes underneath the floor. The convective and conductive heat that results moves into a room with ease. But even the best boilers can run into repair needs, many of which a trained technician can locate and repair fairly quickly. Any of the following problems may account for your particular heating repair need in Madisonville, TX.

  • Faulty Ignition System or Pilot: If the boiler stays hot via a standing pilot light, it may be the case that the pilot light has gone out and the gas valve has shut as a result. If your system uses electronic ignition, a safety control may have caused the ignition system to falter. In any case, it’s important for a technician to determine why the gas valve has shut before attempting to correct the issue.
  • Leaking: A boiler may leak in a few different places, such as from the expansion tank, a circulator pump, or a loose connection in the pipes. A technician will need to seal the leak or replace parts like circulator pumps, and may need to check for any signs of corrosion.
  • Loud Circulator Pumps: A boiler should not operate with much noise, so a noisy pipe is generally cause for alarm. A loud circulator pump may simply have too much air and will need to be purged with a special valve, though it could be the result of a loose bearing as well.

Call the heating and cooling experts at Ardon Maintenance today to schedule heating repair in Madisonville, TX, or to schedule maintenance in order to help protect your boiler from sudden problems.

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