Common Air Conditioning Repairs We See in Late Summer

Although we get a bit of relief from the intense heat when fall comes around, we still need air conditioners working hard for us during the late summer. But few things put as much strain on a modern AC as much as the force of a full Texas summer! At Ardon Maintenance, we perform many air conditioning repair jobs in Madisonville, TX around summer’s end. We’ll share the most common ones with you to give you a sense of how you can keep your own system in shape for the rest of the year.

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Common Late Summer AC Repairs:

Recharging refrigerant: The refrigerant in your air conditioner—the chemical compound that moves heat from your home to the outdoors—does not dissipate during operation. However, leaks can develop along the fixed circuit where the refrigerant flows and lower its level (known as its “charge”). When that happens, your AC will have difficulty absorbing enough heat from the indoor air to cool you down. To repair this problem, we not only have to seal up the leak, we must also recharge the refrigerant to its proper level.

Replacing compressors: The reason refrigerant moves around your AC is because of a pump called the compressor. When you notice a shift in the noise your air conditioner makes as it begins the cooling cycle, it’s the sound of the compressor turning on. But an overtaxed compressor can fail, and then you won’t get any heat at all. Usually a failed compressor unit must be replaced.

Fixing trouble from clogged air filters: We hope you’ve changed your air filter at least once a month during the summer to keep it from getting collecting too much dust, lint, and dirt. If the air filter gets too clogged, it can cause numerous other problems throughout your system, particularly damage to the interior mechanisms. It’s easy to change a dirty filter… but it’s much more work cleaning coils, motors, and fan blades contaminated because of a dirty filter. A dirt-clogged AC will run inefficiently and wear down faster.

We hope the end of your summer is a pleasant and cool one, and that your air conditioner is still working its best for you. But if you need any of the above work done, or if you need an expert to diagnose a problem, you should call the Madisonville, TX air conditioning repair experts at Ardon Maintenance right away.

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