Causes of Low Air Flow with Your Heater

Huntsville, TX residents are getting a taste of cool weather these days, and with that comes an increased reliance on your heating system. When problems arise, they can affect your whole household, and this is the wrong time of year to go without an adequately heated home. Among the most common issues heaters can experience is low air flow, which prevent the heat generated by the furnace from getting to your home. Not only does it force your furnace to work harder to do its job – increasing your monthly bills and the overall strain on the system – but it can leave heated air in the furnace too long, threatening to overheat the system and resulting in a total shutdown. A good technician can identify and correct the causes of low air flow with your heater, but it helps if you have at least some idea of what might be behind it all. Here are a pair of them for you to consider.

A Clogged Air Filter

This is the most common cause of low air flow and the most easily preventable. It occurs when the system’s filter gets too clogged with dust and debris, which can happen if it doesn’t get changed at least once a month or so. You can do it yourself, or your technician can do it as part of a regularly scheduled maintenance session.

Broken Motors or Fan Blades

Heater air gets pushed into your home via a fan, which requires a motor to function. If the motor is suffering problems, or the fan or the fan belt are damaged in some way, it can slow the flow of air. This is usually a significant problem requiring a full-bore repair session to fix.

To properly address these or any other causes of low air flow in your heating system, the pros at Ardon Maintenance are standing by!

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