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Household Upgrades to Save You Money on Air Conditioning

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Air conditioners are wonderful appliances, and without them, life in Huntsville, TX would be very difficult in these hot summer months. But most air conditioners can be improved or upgraded in various ways that help them do their jobs more efficiently. In some cases, “upgrade” means a complimentary household system that simply makes it easier for the air conditioner to do its job. But no matter what the step, easing the strain on your air conditioner means lower monthly energy bills: a huge concern this time of year. Here’s a few thoughts on household upgrades to save you money on air conditioning. (more…)

Valentine’s Day: Pagan Revelry, Clandestine Marriage, and 14th Century Poetry

Saturday, February 14th, 2015

What do you think of when you think of Valentine’s Day? Perhaps rushing off to the stationary store after work to choose the perfect card with which to express your feelings towards a loved one? Dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant? Roses, dark chocolates, and other gifts and confections? Whatever Valentine’s Day may look like to you, chances are that it is a far cry from the history surrounding this holiday – or at least we hope so. Here are a few interesting facts about this most romantic of holidays, from your friends here at Ardon Maintenance.

The fact of the matter is that there is no definitive history as to how Valentine’s Day came to be. There are a few different saints with variations of the name Valentine, for example. One of the most prevalent legends, and one certainly in keeping with the romantic nature of the holiday as we know it today, pertains to a priest serving during the 3rd century in Rome. Under the rule of Emperor Claudius II, who believed that young men made for better soldiers if unfettered by marriage, it was illegal for young men to marry. A true believer in love, Valentine would marry young couples in secret. Until, at least, he was found out, and met a very unpleasant end for his crimes.

Like many of our modern holidays, Valentine’s Day can also be traced back to pagan ritual. Lupercalia, as the pagan festival is known, was a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, a god of agriculture. As is often the case with Roman celebrations, the details of this celebration are unfit to detail here. Suffice to say that, while there is certainly a touch of the amorous in the proceedings, the festival was a far cry from what we associate with Valentine’s Day today.

How, then, did our modern version of Valentine’s Day come to be? The answer may lie in, of all places, 14th century poetry; particularly, in the writings of Geoffrey Chaucer. Famed for his Canterbury Tales, Chaucer may well be the very first writer to associate Valentine’s Day with romantic love, in the manner of which we are familiar with it today. His The Parliament of Fowls details the dream-vision of a narrator consumed with the idea of romantic love and the natural order of finding a mate. Valentine’s Day is mentioned by name a number of times, as the narrator witnesses a parliament of eagles vying for the hand – or, perhaps more aptly, the wing – of a mate.

Whatever you may think of the holiday’s sordid and convoluted history, we here at Ardon Maintenance hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with the special someone in your life.

Why You May Still Choose Standard Tank Water Heater Installation

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

If you’re in the market for a new water heater, you may have already done some shopping around. In general, it’s best to let a professional help you choose which size and model is right for your new water heater installation. However, there is one decision that you must make first and foremost: whether to install a traditional storage tank water heater or a modern on-demand tankless unit.

Tankless water heaters are growing in popularity lately. This is because they take up so little space and save some energy over storage tanks every month, which must keep water heated throughout the day resulting in standby energy loss. You only need to use hot water a few times throughout the day, so it may seem more practical to have a computerized tankless unit, which heats water as soon as a hot water tap is turned on and shuts off immediately after.

However, many homeowners continue to choose a traditional storage tank heater for installation, and for good reason. First, storage tank water heaters are much less expensive to install. But this isn’t the only cost consideration to take into account. Yes, the energy savings from installing a tankless water heater should eventually offset the initial high cost of installation. However, it will take many years for this to happen, and many homeowners do not feel as though they will see the payoff soon enough. Furthermore, you may have to install several tankless units in order to meet high demands in some households, at an even greater cost.

Storage tank water heaters get their fair share of complaints because they may run out of water too quickly. However, if you have a professional size your equipment according to the size of your household, this should not become a frequent problem. And technicians hear many complaints about tankless units as well because can take a lot longer to heat water since they don’t keep a hot water supply on hand.

For many homeowners, a tankless unit is the best way to keep monthly costs low and ensure hot water is available at any time. For other homeowners, storage tank water heaters get the job done just as well and offer as many benefits.

For whatever your needs may be, the friendly technicians at Ardon Maintenance can help you choose a reliable water heater for installation in your home. Give us a call today!

Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Memorial Day, which is observed on the final Monday of May every year, is an opportunity to honor and commemorate those military personnel who have fallen while serving their country. The day began in the aftermath of the American Civil War, when the country was damaged and in need of remembrance. Originally called Decoration Day, owing to the flowers that would decorate gravesites, its principal purpose has been to mourn those who have died during service; but it’s also a time to come together as a country and take stock of the way that our soldiers have shaped this country.

There is a national moment of silence and various events throughout the day. You may see volunteers putting flags up at your local cemetery or flowers decorating war memorials. It’s also a reprieve from our work schedule that should be enjoyed in tandem with remembrance. We wish you all the best this Memorial Day.

Madisonville TX Heat Pump Maintenance FAQ

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Living in Texas means that you need a good, reliable heat pump to keep you comfortable in the heat and the cold. Heat pumps are one of the most efficient heating and air conditioning systems on the market. They provide comfortable heating and cooling all in one unit. At Ardon Maintenance, we provide fast and high quality heat pump maintenance in Madisonville, TX area. Getting your heat pump regularly maintained by a professional contractor has many benefits for homeowners. We thought it would be a good idea to put together some basic information about heat pump maintenance, its benefits and how it works.

Benefits of Regular Heat Pump Maintenance in Madisonville TX

You probably your use heat pump almost daily to either cool or heat your home. Because of all that use it makes sense that it would start to experience problems. Getting your heat pump regularly inspected is a great way to find those problems early and fix them before they cause serious damage to your heat pump. Not only can regular maintenance potentially reduce the need for costly repairs, it might also be able to improve the efficiency of your system. Those small problems that develop over time make your system have to work harder which, in turn, reduces the efficiency. With those problems fixed your system can get back to working efficiently. Finally, we often get called for heat pump repairs in Madisonville, TX where the system was completely destroyed by a small problem that was allowed to fester. During regular maintenance visits, your technician will look for those issues and fix them before they cause permanent damage.

What Happens During Heat Pump Maintenance in Madisonville TX

During regular heat pump maintenance visits, your Madisonville TX heating technician will thoroughly inspect and clean every component of your heat pump. They will inspect the fan, fan motor and likely replace the belt and lubricate the motor bearings. If the fan blades are bent they will fix them or replace them. They’ll also check the refrigerant levels to make sure that there’s enough in the system. Low refrigerant can cause your system to not be able to provide enough heating or cooling for your home. There are many other tasks that they will perform to make sure that your heat pump is working well.

For all your heat pump maintenance in Madisonville, TX call the heating experts at Ardon Maintenance. We have experience maintaining all different types and brands of heat pump. Contact Ardon Maintenance today!

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