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3 Causes of Heat Pump Failure This Spring

Monday, March 28th, 2016

When heat pumps encounter problems this spring, it usually stems from one major cause: a lack of cool air when you turn them on. Heat pumps have likely been in warming mode for more of the winter, but spring has arrived in Normangee, TX, and that means you ‘’ll be switching it over to cooling mode before long, if you haven’t done so already.  You may be in for a bit of a shock if you do so only to find that there’s no cool air coming out of your system. There’s a number of reasons why, and the issue may have lingered for weeks or even months since you spent the winter with your system in heating mode. Here are three potential causes to look out for. (more…)

Good Reasons to Install a Heat Pump

Monday, December 7th, 2015

We can never tell when we might need a new heater or air conditioning system, but if yours is on its last legs, now is a good time to consider a replacement. Cooling season is over for the next few months, and while the weather in Huntsville, TX has been chilly to say the least, it still falls well within the range to make heat pumps viable.


Should You Install a Heat Pump Instead of a Traditional AC?

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Choosing an air conditioner for new installation can be tricky, but we’d like to help you narrow down your options with this suggestion: how about a heat pump? While you will still need a technician to help you find the right size for your home and a reasonable efficiency rating for your budget, deciding on a heat pump is a great first step to take toward long-lasting AC and heating for your home. (more…)

Repairs for Ductless Mini Split Systems

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Ductless mini split systems are, at their core, heat pumps that do not need standard ducts to distribute conditioned air through a home. Instead of using a single indoor unit connected to a ventilation system, a ductless mini split uses multiple smaller blower units mounted in different parts of a house to send the cooled or heated air directly into rooms.

Ductless systems can require similar repairs that standard heat pumps need: sealing refrigerant leaks, replacing motors, cleaning coils, swapping out broken reversing valves. There are a few specific repairs for ductless systems, however, and we’ll examine some of them here.

For the heating and air conditioning repair in Madisonville, TX that will keep your ductless mini split heat pump working, call on the experienced technicians of Ardon Maintenance. We have 24-hour emergency service for your convenience.

Some ductless system repairs

  • Repairing broken blower unit fans: The blowers around a house contain smaller fans than those in a central heat pump. The loss of a single fan will not cause you to lose all the heating and cooling in your house, only in a specific zone. Technicians will need to determine if the blower fan is damaged or if its motor needs replacement.
  • Fixing condensate leaks: Each blower unit has a condensate line that runs through the back of the wall and outside to the outdoor unit. If leaks occur along the line or inside the blower unit, water will start to gather between the unit and the wall where it is mounted. This will cause warping and weakening to drywall, which may eventually cause the blower unit to fall off its mounting. If you notice water dripping from a blower, or see discoloration around the unit and warped wallpaper, call for repairs immediately.
  • Recharging refrigerant: This is a repair problem that affects central heat pumps as well, but with ductless mini splits there are more opportunities for leaking to occur because there are multiple refrigerant lines running from the blowers to the outside cabinet. If the copper lines outside sustain damage, refrigerant loss will result in a drop in cooling power, icing along the coils, and possibly injury to the compressor. Professional repair technicians will find the leaks, seal them, and recharge the lost refrigerant.

Heat pumps of any type are complex machines that require special training to repair and maintain. Ductless systems add an extra layer of complexity with their blower units and multiple connections. Don’t attempt to make any repairs on your own when trouble starts with a ductless mini split. Instead, call up a skilled technician for the work necessary.

We also handle the maintenance necessary to ward off problems in the future. Call us today to learn more.

Ardon Maintenance has NATE-certified technicians on staff who can deliver top quality heating and air conditioning repair in Madisonville, TX for your ductless system.

Heat Pump Repair Issues: Why Your House Is Too Cold

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Heat pumps are fantastic ways of keeping your home warm during a Texas winter. Since the only serious drawback heat pumps have is a possible loss of heating ability due to sub-freezing temperatures, it’s rare for a heat pump in Texas to encounter much trouble providing the heat levels necessary for a cozy season.

If you find that your house is too cold even though the heat pump is still humming away and blowing out air, then the problem almost certainly a malfunction of some kind. When this happens, call on Ardon Maintenance for your heat pump repair needs in Huntsville, TX.

Here are the most common reasons for a heat pump not warming your home:

  • A broken reversing valve: The critical component that makes a heat pump different from a standard air conditioner is the reversing valve. This electrically controlled valve sits on the refrigerant line and alters the direction the refrigerant flows through the unit: one direction for heating, the other for air conditioning. If the valve malfunctions, your heat pump can become stuck in AC mode even though you need heat. If your house is cold and the air coming from the vents seems as if it is cooled, then the issue is likely the reversing valve, and you will need to call a technician to replace it.
  • Thermostat troubles: A thermostat that begins to read the wrong temperatures in your home (“ghost readings”) will cause your heat pump to begin to turn on and off at the incorrect times, resulting in a cold house and uneven heating. Ghost readings can occur because of poor thermostat placement (a thermostat sitting in direct sunlight will register a warmer temperature and keep the heating off) or a miscalibration. More malfunctions that may require replacement of the unit could be causing it.
  • Refrigerant loss: Flowing through your heat pump is a chemical blend called refrigerant, which is responsible for the heat exchange that makes your heat pump provide cooling and warmth. The refrigerant is at a set amount—known as its “charge”—which does not lessen during normal operation. But if leaks occur, the refrigerant loss will hinder the heat exchange and you will not get sufficient heating from your heat pump. (Or cooling in AC mode.) Professionals will locate the leaks, seal them, and recharge the refrigerant.

Heat pump repair requires years of training as well as specialized tools; you cannot expect to fix these problems on your own. When your house feels too cold even though your heat pump is running, you must bring in an expert in heat pump repair in Huntsville, TX to locate the source of the malfunction and repair it accurately.

And when you need those repairs fast, call on Ardon Maintenance: we not only have skilled technicians on staff, but they’re ready 24-hours a day for emergency service.

What Causes Heat Pumps to Ice Up?

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Heat pumps in Texas take on a heavy burden. They get used extensively throughout the spring, summer, and early fall providing cooling for homes. When winter comes in and the occasional cold snap strikes, they switch over to heating… but they’ll still need to jump back to cooling on some days even during the winter. A heat pump in Bedias, TX will probably run a good chunk of the year in one mode or another.

When repair problems develop, you need to act on them before you lose both functions of your heat pump. An issue you might encounter with heat pumps is icing that develops across the indoor or outdoor coils. Even when using the air conditioning function, ice on a heat pump is a warning sign and means you need to call for professional repair. Ardon Maintenance has NATE-certified technicians to help you restore your home comfort when your heat pump starts to ice up.

The reason for ice on a heat pump

Despite the logic of it, heat pumps do not ice up because they’ve been blowing out too much cold air. (Heat pumps don’t create cold, they remove heat.) The icing can occur in heating mode as well. The reason that icing begins is usually a drop in the refrigerant charge inside the heat pump.

Refrigerant is the chemical that allows for the heat exchange that makes a heat pump work. This chemical blend runs through copper or aluminum tubes in a closed circuit, and under normal use does not dissipate. The refrigerant’s charge (its level) is balanced for ideal operation. Should leaks occur along the lines or in the compressors, whether from damage or corrosion, the loss of refrigerant will cause ice to develop along the evaporator coil—which is either the indoor coil or outdoor coil depending on what mode the heat pump is in.

This might sound strange. Losing refrigerant creates ice? What happens is that the drop in refrigerant makes it more difficult for the evaporator coil to absorb a sufficient amount of heat to stop it from icing over. As the ice grows, it blocks off the coil and drops its absorption power even further: a fully iced-over coil cannot execute heat exchange, and the heat pump will no longer be able to perform its job.

Excessive dirt along the coils can also cause the ice to occur, since this restricts the heat absorption ability as well. Have a technician investigate to find out the root of the problem. Refrigerant leaks will need sealing and the correct amount and type of refrigerant blend used to recharge the system.

Don’t ignore the ice!

The moment you see ice developing on either set of coils in your heat pump, call professionals for repairs. Ardon Maintenance is ready 24-hours a day to rescue your heat pump in Bedias, TX!

Is it Time for Heat Pump Replacement in Madisonville TX?

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Your heat pump is responsible for your comfort year-round. Heat pumps provide efficient and effective heating and cooling but still require regular maintenance to ensure that it can meet your demands. If you think that your heat pump is no longer effective, or if it has lost its energy efficiency, then it might be time for heat pump replacement in Madisonville, TX. If you think your heat pump may need to be replaced, or are weighing your options, call a Madisonville, TX heat pump maintenance specialists at Ardon Maintenance. We can help you make the right decision about your home’s heat pump.

Signs You Need Heat Pump Replacement in Madisonville, TX

Sometimes it can be hard to know when to just repair your heat pump or when to replace it. At Ardon Maintenance, our Madisonville, TX heating maintenance experts have years of experience working with all kinds and brands of heat pumps. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision.

  • Heat pump is over 10 years old. If your heat pump is over 10 years old and requires repairs it may be a good time to replace it instead of paying for more repairs.
  • Inadequate performance. If your heat pump is not transferring heat into and out of your home effectively it could mean there is a faulty component, or an air leak. When your heat pump technician comes to diagnose the problem, ask them if they think replacing it is a good option for you right now.
  • Frequent repairs. An old and weary heat pump may quickly become a money pit if you’re not careful. There’s little sense in paying increasingly large sums of money to support an older device, when a new high-efficiency device would be a great investment for the future of your home heating and cooling system.
  • Spike in energy bills. Did your energy bill bump unexpectedly from one month to the next, without a corresponding rise in usage? If so, it might mean there is a defect somewhere in your heat pump system. Have a pro check it out.

To ensure that your new heat pump works for years to come, make sure it’s installed by a heat pump installation professional in Madisonville, TX. Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional service. Call Ardon Maintenance today for all of your heat pump replacement needs.