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The Benefits of Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Riverside, TX has its share of big properties, and with our hot summers and cool winters, everyone is looking at the bottom line as far as heating and cools bills go. You may not be aware of the fact that your property can actively help you save money on energy costs, with the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling. This innovative system makes use of the infinitely renewable energy from the earth itself, and as such can provide a number of advantages. Here’s how it all works. (more…)

Is Geothermal Heating Right for Every Home?

Monday, October 27th, 2014

A geothermal heat pump is one of the most efficient ways to heat or cool a home. A “heat pump” is a system that moves heat from place to place, rather than generating it. Many homeowners choose air-source heat pumps, which move heat out of the air in your home in the summer and into your home from the outdoor air in the winter. However, outdoor temperatures fluctuate, and these systems can struggle at certain times of the year.

A geothermal heat pump relies on the relatively stable temperatures underground. A set of pipes is buried in your property, and water or a water-refrigerant blend pumps through the pipes to absorb heat from the ground and move it into your home. This is one of the most efficient ways to heat or cool a home—but is it right for everyone?  We’ll take a quick look at some of the most common concerns for homeowners about geothermal heat pumps. To get geothermal heating in Walker County, trust the team of experts at Ardon Maintenance.


The most important consideration for many homeowners is the cost of geothermal heating. Yes, geothermal installation is more expensive than other installations, and for good reason. Technicians must dig a large trench in your yard and install a complex set of coils, and this task may take quite a while to complete. However, the savings over the years can easily offset the cost. You will save a lot of energy, as your system will only use a very small amount of electricity to pump water and run a fan, at a significant savings over other systems. Besides, you may need fewer repairs and less visits from a maintenance technician.


Another concern for homeowners is whether they have enough space available on their properties. The least expensive mode of installation involves the use of a large amount of space in order to dig a shallow trench to lay out a horizontal loop system. But if your home does not have the proper amount of space, technicians can still dig a very deep hole in your yard to accommodate a vertical loop system.

Other Considerations

Some other considerations to keep in mind are the low noise level, the higher-than-average lifespan of these systems, and local and federal incentives for choosing an efficient system with very low environmental impact. This heating system is a great opportunity for many homeowners to save money and help the environment, but it still may not necessarily be the best choice for every home.

Call the experts at Ardon Maintenance to find out if geothermal heating is right for your home in Walker County.

Common Repair Issues with Geothermal Systems

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Geothermal systems use the constant temperature of the earth to heat and cool your home for you. Once you get down below six feet or so, the earth’s temperature is unaffected by the weather outside. Tubes can be run on that level, pumping a mixture of water and antifreeze through that facilitate a heat exchange with the surrounding ground. The result is cheap and efficient heating and air conditioning for use in your home. Geothermal systems in Madisonville TX make a good fit, both because of our fluctuating climate and for the propensity of large property space that the technology needs. But like anything else, common repair issues with geothermal systems can crop up from time to time. When they do, you need to know how to combat them.

If you’re looking to install a geothermal system in Madisonville TX, pick up the phone and give the professionals at Ardon Maintenance a call today.

The good news is that in most cases, the issues stem from the pump and other above-ground systems designed to process and distribute the energy pulled from the earth. Such issues can include anything from the fan or fan motor to a blocked line interfering with the process. Such issues are often be very similar to those experienced by more traditional heating and cooling systems, which means a qualified technician can usually correct it simply by making a service call.

A bigger problem occurs when the tubes themselves spring a leak or suffer from similar problem. A problem like that can disrupt the entire heating process. More importantly, it requires a significant undertaking to correct, since the technician must first unearth the faulty component, and then bury it again once the problem is corrected. As you can imagine, that can take quite an effort.

The good news is that problems with the tubes are among the less common repair issues with geothermal systems, since the ground protects them from damage and they rarely suffer from high pressure or similar concerns.  At Ardon Maintenance we have the skills and experience to do the job right, and can explain all of the ins and outs before you make a decision. Give us a call today!

How Does a Geothermal System Work?

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

You may have already heard about geothermal heating and cooling systems and some of the benefits they offer: environmentally friendly, dependable, efficient, safe, and quiet. But you might feel a bit confused about how they operate. Where is temperature change coming from? We’ll try to explain how geothermal systems do their job.

Keep in mind as you read this post that no matter how many advantages geothermal heat pumps may offer, they do not work for all homes in all locations. Consult with professionals before you decide on taking a serious look at geothermal systems in Madisonville, TX. Rely on your local in heating and air conditioning experts for advice and installation: Ardon Maintenance.

The Geothermal System Basics

The earth maintains heat at a regular level. No matter the temperature above ground, a few feet below the surface the temperature remains at a fairly steady level that is warmer than the above temperature during the winter and colder during the summer.

Geothermal systems are heat pumps that harness this steady natural temperature difference and put it to use for you: instead of using the outside air as the exchange medium as standard heat pumps do, geothermal heat pumps use the earth’s constant temperature as the medium.

A geothermal system moves an antifreeze solution through plastic tubing buried in the ground around your house. Some geothermal heaters use refrigerant passing through copper tubes instead—local conditions determine which type will work best. These tubes are looped through the ground and the refrigerant/antifreeze transfers the heat from the ground up into your home where it is released to give you a warmer temperature. During the summer, the heat pump can reverse direction, so heat is removed from your home and put down into the ground.

Although geothermal systems cost more to install than many other HVAC systems, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the savings they provide from their efficient operation will return their cost in 5 to 10 years—and they will last a significantly longer time than that if given the proper maintenance.

If you’re interested in installing one of these geothermal systems in Madisonville, TX, Ardon Maintenance is prepared to help. Our experts will determine if a geothermal heat pump will work for you and pick the best type, and then take care of the installation. Get started with the savings of a geothermal system and contact Ardon Maintenance today.