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When an Upgrade to Your Commercial Electrical System Is a Good Idea

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Has your business remained in the same location for many years, or is it housed in an older building? You might have an inferior and outdated electrical system for your company that isn’t capable of handling your growing demands. But even newer buildings can have poor wiring due to sloppy initial installation. For the sake of safety, efficiency, and productivity, you should engage commercial electrical specialists to look over your wiring, electrical panel, outlets, fixtures, and other components of the electrical system to see if you will benefit from a system upgrade.

It’s important to rely on experienced commercial professionals for any commercial electrical installation in New Waverly, TX and other parts of the Madisonville and Huntsville areas.

When to upgrade your commercial electrical system

  • Repeatedly tripped circuit breakers: If you have sections of the workspace that frequently lose power due to tripped circuit breakers to the point that employees are trying to carefully balance how many appliances they can have plugged in at once, you should look into an update to the system so the circuits can handle the higher voltage. This is particularly important if your business is expanding and you are placing higher power demands on the system.
  • Older building: If your company is housed in a “vintage” building, which could be anything pre-1970, and especially pre-World War II, then the electrical system is probably far out of date with copper wiring that will not be able to handle the modern demand for voltage. Older wiring is also at risk for electrical fires, so have an electrician look over the system to see if it needs improvements to stay up to code and keep your employees and customers safe.
  • Relocating to a new building: Just because the building your company is planning to move to is newer doesn’t mean that it has a sturdy electrical system. Poor installation from an amateur contractor willing to cut corners could mean an electrical system that will give you constant problems and high bills. We advise that you have a professional commercial electrician check over your new building’s electrical system to see if it should have an upgrade.

The commercial sector is not a place for amateur work; if you believe your business will benefit from an upgrade to its electrical system, only hire on commercial specialists to do the job. Ardon Maintenance has seasoned and NATE-certified technicians available to inspect your business’ electrical system and see what upgrade you may need.

Ardon Maintenance can handle your needs with our skilled technicians, and we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today!

Signs That You Need Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

When your business depends on commercial refrigeration, even a lesser issue with the equipment can turn into a major hassle that can negatively affect business. Malfunctioning equipment can mean spoiled food, running out of ice, melted deserts, and other problems that can seriously impair daily operations.

Commercial refrigeration repair requires specialists: the size and extent of equipment in a restaurant, bar, bakery, or cafeteria is beyond the abilities of amateur repairs or technicians who only work with residential refrigerators. Call up repair technicians who specialize in serving the needs of businesses.

Ardon Maintenance provides excellent commercial refrigeration repair in Madisonville, TX that will take care of getting your company’s cooling power back on track. Call us today!

Warnings signs that you need commercial refrigeration repair

  • Sweating refrigerator: “Sweating” is a condition where moisture begins to form on the outside or a refrigerator, usually on the door. This is condensation that occurs usually because of an improperly closing door or damage to the sealing or the gaskets. The sweating on the outside is an indicator that excess moisture is entering the refrigerator and will begin to affect its ability to defrost; the inside will also gain heat, leading to improper cooling of the contents. Professionals will find where the moisture and heat are entering the refrigerator and how to best stop it.
  • Frost buildup inside refrigeration unit: Modern commercial refrigeration equipment is frost-free, and any indication that frost is beginning to develop inside means that something is wrong. It could be poor door closing or sealing (see above) but it often comes from a failure within the defrost system—this is especially likely if you notice the frost developing along the back wall of the refrigerator unit.
  • Unusual noises from the unit: The heart of any refrigeration equipment is the compressor that circulates the refrigerant necessary to remove heat from the interior of the unit. A malfunctioning compressor will endanger the operation of the refrigeration equipment, and if it fails could require replacement of the whole unit. When compressors encounter problems, they will often start to make loud noises that disrupt the usual quiet hum of the system. Odd noises could also mean issues with the exhaust fan, which will cause a temperature increase should it fail. Call for repair technicians to trace the source of the noise and fix it before the problem becomes worse.

Ardon Maintenance offers commercial refrigeration repair for Madisonville, TX any time of the day or night. We understand that your business and customers are important to you, and we will treat your establishment with respect while providing you with high-quality repair services.

When Should I Schedule Commercial HVAC Maintenance in Madisonville?

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

The reliability of any HVAC system that must work on a regular basis—whether installed in a small two-bedroom house or for a sprawling 15-story office building—depends heavily on it receiving routine maintenance. Regular inspections and tune-ups are essential for an HVAC system to work at its most efficient and without excess strain placed on its components that might lead to unnecessary repair work and early replacement.

The heating and cooling system that maintains the comfortable work environment at your company should have regular commercial HVAC maintenance in Madisonville, TX from a dependable company like Ardon Maintenance. Contact our staff today to arrange for maintenance services that will save you money and prevent unpleasant surprises during the summers and winters because of sudden system breakdowns.

When is HVAC maintenance necessary?

You need to have maintenance visits for your commercial HVAC system twice a year. The first will see to your air conditioning needs in preparation for summer, and the second will take care of the heating system to prepare for winter. In general, early spring and early fall are the ideal times for these maintenance visits.

However, if you have missed a maintenance session for one of the seasons, do not skip it and wait for next year! It’s never too late to schedule the work. If you let your cooling or heating system go without maintenance for a year, it will lose on average 5% of its efficiency each year. Considering how much you will use the system and the cooling/heating capacity it must supply, a 5% drop in efficiency can cause a severe increase in your bills. The chance of an expensive malfunction also goes up.

Any time that you notice an increase in your heating and cooling bills, check to see if you have had your regular maintenance done on time. Call in for technicians to take care of the job if you haven’t, and you may be able to avoid larger repair needs. (If you have kept up with maintenance, call for repairs.) If you sign up for a maintenance program, you will receive reminders during the year that your company’s system is due for its regular inspection and tune-up, so you should have no problem keeping up with a regular schedule.

Ardon Maintenance has a team of NATE-certified technicians with extensive experience on commercial air conditioners and heaters.

Call us today to arrange for the necessary commercial HVAC maintenance in Madisonville, TX to safeguard your workplace from energy waste and comfort loss.

How Commercial Electrical Repairs Differ from Residential Electrical Repairs

Monday, July 7th, 2014

If your company has issues with power loss, surges, failed outlets, or circuit breakers that continually trip, you must call for repairs from a licensed electrician with extensive experience in commercial electrical repair in Madisonville, TX. It is crucial that the electrician has a commercial background, since there are a number of vital differences between residential and commercial electrical repairs.

At Ardon Maintenance, we hold our technicians to the highest standards of service and make sure they remain on the cutting edge of technological development.

Ardon Maintenance technicians are fully qualified and certified to handle your commercial repairs, and you can call upon them 24 hours a day for emergency work. Call us today!

Here are some of the ways that electrical repairs are different from the ones done for homes:

Keeping a commercial building “up to code”

Perhaps the most crucial difference with electrical repairs for a business when compared to residential repairs is the necessity of keeping the business within “code.” The National Electrical Code is a voluntary set of safety guidelines for electrical systems; any state, city, or municipality can choose to adopt the code in whole or part and make adjustments to it. Professional commercial electricians will be familiar with the local code restrictions and how to keep buildings within them. Although homes must also remain within the code, the danger to a business of a forcible shutdown due to code violations is a serious concern, and electrical repair technicians will make staying within the code a vital part of their job.

Three-phase power

Commercial buildings use three-phase power from the municipal system, which is different from single-phase that homes use. Single-phase power uses two 120-volt legs and a neutral wire. In commercial buildings, they use two 120-volt legs, a 208-bolt wild leg, and a neutral wire. The reason for this is to power larger appliances, which will only run smoothly and efficiently using three-phase power. Commercial electricians know how to repair issues from three-phase power.

Specialized wires

The types of wires used in commercial buildings varies considerably compared to those in residential. A common kind of wire used in commercial buildings that is uncommon in houses is THHN wiring: thermoplastic, high heat-resistant nylon coated. Commercial wiring also has special insulation designs to tolerate exposure to gases, volatile substances, and liquids. Many wires in commercial buildings run in exposed areas and are protected with a conduit. Commercial repair workers must know how to deal with the different wires and know the right type of wire to replace when necessary.

The qualified team for commercial electrical repair in Madisonville, TX is ready to assist you whatever issues need fast repair for your company. You can reach us any time of the day or night. Call us if your business is in need of commercial repair.

The Importance of Regularly Maintaining Your Commercial HVAC System

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Does your commercial air conditioner work well? Does it keep you and your customers cool throughout the long Texas summer? Whatever your commercial HVAC need may be, you need to make sure that you have a reliable air conditioning specialist on call who you can entrust with your business or commercial property. The best way to avoid problems and extend the longevity of your system is professional, routine maintenance. For all of your commercial HVAC needs in Madisonville, TX, call Ardon Maintenance. We can take care of your cooling system so that you can just get back to your cool air.

The importance of regularly maintaining your commercial HVAC system can hardly be overstated. Commercial cooling systems endure significantly more wear and tear than residential systems, and routine maintenance gives you some important benefits worth discussing in more detail.

  • System longevity. A new commercial HVAC system is a major investment of your time and resources. You need to make sure that it works well for years to come. But over time, your system will endure a significant amount of wear and tear. The components will be pushed to their maximum and dirt and dust will infiltrate into sensitive components. The best way to protect your investment (and that of your company) is to sign up for routine maintenance.
  • Energy efficiency. Energy bills during the summer can raise the daily cost of doing business. You need to keep your commercial space energy efficient so that you can save energy in the long term and spend it on other things besides electrical energy. But in order for your HVAC system to stay energy efficient, it needs to be routinely inspected, cleaned, and adjusted. There’s simply no other way for it to run properly.
  • Performance. In order to get the most from your air conditioner during the summer months, it has to be maintained. When dust, dirt and debris accumulate within your AC, the system simply cannot handle it. It reduces the ability of coils to absorb and dissipate thermal energy and it cuts down on airflow.

Call Ardon Maintenance today for excellent commercial HVAC services throughout the Madisonville, TX area.