Can a Furnace Rust?

During the occasional cold nights that blow through Texas during the winter, there’s nothing more comforting than having a durable furnace wafting cozy warmth through the vents into your home. Properly cared for, a furnace should last you through many winters keeping you comfortable. Furnaces do occasionally need repairs, even with the best maintenance. If you encounter the need for furnace repair in Madisonville, TX, make your first call to Ardon Maintenance. Our 24-hour emergency service will take care of you.

Do You Have Rust on Your Furnace?

If you’ve found rust along any section of your furnace, you might feel a bit bewildered. After all, furnaces use forced-air to warm your home: the fuel source generates heat that is transferred to air, which fans then blow through the ducts. Water is not involved in this process. How could rust occur?

A furnace is made of metal, so it’s always possible that it can suffer from the oxidation that produces rust. The issue here is where the water is coming from. You need to track down the reason for this so you can prevent more rust occurring to your furnace and damaging it to the point it no longer operates.

The first possibility to consider is that you air conditioner is at fault. The air conditioning unit often sits above the furnace cabinet, and AC’s can produce excess moisture during operation. This moisture should go into a condensate pan, but should this pan become clogged, the water will begin to spill out—and go right onto the furnace. You’ll need a professional HVAC technician to remedy both problems.

Another common cause for rust in a furnace is humidity getting inside the cabinet. This can infiltrate the system through the vents, and if it occurs, it often means larger problems with corrosion might have spread into the ducts. For gas-powered furnaces, there is some water moisture as a by-product of gas combustion. If you notice rust flakes on your cabinet, you need to act on it immediately, because it will start to spread.

The best way to prevent rust on your furnace is to make sure the system receives regular preventive maintenance which will keep it clean and also detect problems from excess moisture and issues from other appliances like the air conditioner that will cause rust scales to start to develop on your furnace.

You should also regularly check the bottom of the furnace housing for rust, which is the first place it will show up. If the rust reaches the cabinet housing, the damage will be so extensive that it will require much more drastic and expensive measures to remedy. Call for repairs at the first sign of rust flakes.

For excellent maintenance and furnace repair in Madisonville, TX, you can depend on the experience of the staff at Ardon Maintenance.

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