3 Ways Your Thermostat can Malfunction

Huntsville, TX, brings the heat every summer, along with sweltering humidity that can turn your home into a sweatbox. A good air conditioning system forms your first, best line of defense against those high temperatures, but your AC is only as good as the thermostat you use to control it. A trained repair technician can fix a malfunctioning thermostat or replace it with an updated model, but you need to spot a problem with it before you can call someone in. Here are 3 ways your thermostat can malfunction that you should look out for this summer.

1.      Misread Temperature

Thermostats use a variety of methods to accurately read the temperature, but when a malfunction occurs, that can be thrown out of whack. You can usually spot the problem when you air conditioner turns on at times when you don’t need it to, or fails to turn on even when your house is turning into a hotbox. A technician can fix the problem or replace the thermostat as appropriate.

2.      Electrical Problems

Most modern thermostats relay on electricity to function, and may shut off if the electrical flow is interrupted. Besides the obvious signs (i.e., a thermostat that won’t operate), you can notice this if the thermostat routinely trips the circuit breakers, if it constantly loses its pre-programmed settings, or if its lighted face remains dark even if the digits on the screen can be seen just find.

3.      A Poor Location

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with the thermostat itself, but its location doesn’t allow it to accurately read the temperature. If it’s located near a part of the house with a cross-breeze, for example, or it receives an undue amount of sunlight exposure, it’s not going to turn on or off when you need it to.

If you think your thermostat is malfunctioning, then the experts at Ardon Maintenance are here to help. Calls us today to schedule an appointment!

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