3 Ways Your Air Conditioner is Improved by Indoor Air Quality Services

Your air conditioner is the first, best weapon to keep your home comfortable. But it’s not the only one, however: indoor air quality products help keep your air from feeling stagnant or musty, and well as eliminating a host of undesirable conditions from your home. None of those products work in a vacuum, which means they can affect your air conditioner in beneficial ways as well as doing the jobs they were meant to do. That’s no small consideration here in Huntsville, TX, where our brutal summers can really put the squeeze on your monthly cooling bills. Here’s a brief list of 3 ways your air conditioner is improved by indoor air quality services.

1)    Dehumidifiers

Our summers come hot and sultry in Texas, which means there’s a lot of excess moisture in the air. When it gets too humid, the sweat won’t evaporate off of our skin, causing our bodies to feel hotter than they actually are. Your air conditioner acts as a dehumidifier by default, but it’s not designed for such duties, and the strain can raise your monthly bills as well as increasing the risk of repairs. A whole-house dehumidifier can solve the problem for you.

2)    Air Cleaners

Air cleaners can be as simple as a filter or as complex as an electrical air purifier. But they all serve to remove dust from the air, which can coat important components in your air conditioner and force it to work harder to do its job. With an air purifier, your system will run more smoothly, with less friction and fewer risks of breakdowns.

3)    Duct Repair

When your ducts a suffer a breach , all that air the AC unit worked so hard to cool down can get sucked out of the system, or hot air can get pulled in and warm it up. Either way, repairing the breach will remove that drag on your system’s power load and help it do its job better.

If you need indoor air quality services, trust the pros at Ardon Maintenance to take care of it! 

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