3 Things Not to Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal mashes up small amounts of organic waste in order to reduce the amount of food waste in your trash. After grinding up scraps left in your sink, it adds them to the wastewater. They have become a staple of the modern kitchen, and most people rely on them every day. However, they are designed for a specific purpose, and certain materials should not be put in your garbage disposal. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of such materials. We hope you find it informative. For garbage disposal and plumbing in Madisonville, TX, call the experts at Ardon Maintenance today!

The garbage disposal is comprised basically of a motor, a grinding turntable, and a blade. Depending on the power of the motor and the quality of the blade, certain materials may be acceptable for some models, but not for others. Generally speaking, here are three things you should not put down your garbage disposal:

  • Fibrous foods. Celery, cornhusks, onions, potato skins, banana peels, and other fibrous, stringy, and starchy foods may pose a significant challenge to your garbage disposal unit. Your blade will have a difficult time to grinding and mashing these materials. The manufacturer instructions may have come with a list of prohibited materials, and it’s best to heed these directions to prevent any mishaps.
  • Grease. The grease produced from animal fats or vegetable oils should not be put down any drain, but this is especially important in the case of garbage disposals. Grease can easily clog the various moving parts of a unit. While it may be hot liquid when you pour it down your drain, it can quickly coagulate into a grease that can contribute to drain blockages.
  • Bones. No matter how small or thin, bones are not meant to go down your garbage disposal. The motor and blade are simply not designed to shred animal bone. Not only will it become stuck, it may also damage your unit.

We hope these help. If your garbage disposal is no longer operating as it once was, or if you feel like it could do better, call for Madisonville, TX garbage disposal and plumbing services at Ardon Maintenance today!

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