3 Signs of Trouble With Your Water Heater

Water heater problems tend to catch most homeowners by surprise, since they normally do their job without complaint and remain tucked away in quiet corners of your home like the basement or the garage. That can make it hard to spot signs of trouble until it’s too late. The best method of detecting potential issues with your water heater is scheduling regular maintenance for it at least once a year, and Huntsville, TX has services that can perform such duties for you. Barring that, however, your best bet is to look for these common signs of trouble with your water heater.

1.     Strange Noises

A strange noise means anything out of the ordinary for your system, including hisses, buzzes and clanking noises. In particular, listen for sounds of gurgling within your water tank, which is usually caused by water passing through excessive sediment building up on the bottom of the tank. A technician can drain the tank and fix the problem, or otherwise address the source of the noise.

2.     Discolored Water

Water heaters contain an anode rod which prevents rust or corrosion from developing on the inside of the tank. If the anode rod isn’t replaced, however, that rust can form, and it may end up discoloring the water that comes out of your tank. In particular, look for discoloration appearing when you turn on the hot water tap, though it can come from any faucet and any temperature.

3.     Puddles

When breaches occur in the sides of your tank, they’re not always obvious to the naked eye. The metal can contract when the water inside the tank cools off, sealing the breach until the water gets warm again. You can better spot signs of a breach by checking for puddles of water around the base of your water heater: a sure sign that there’s trouble afoot.

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