3 Odors in Your Furnace to Beware of

Furnaces have a lot of ways of signaling a problem, from clanging noises to a sudden, unexpected spike in your monthly bills. But those signs are not just limited to what you can see or hear. Smells can be a good indication of a serious problem, and since air is distributed throughout your home via the duct s when your furnace is running, you can usually pick up on a bad smell right away. Our furnaces have already seen a lot of use here in Huntsville, TX this winter. Now is the time to watch for signs of trouble, including those when you can smell but not see. Here are 3 odors in your furnace to beware of.

1)    Burning

Burning smells are among the most common smells we encounter, and most people know right away that they spell trouble. The smell can come from an overheating component, an overloaded length of electrical writing, or even just something like a leaf or a twig caught inside the system.  The overheating component can cause other parts of the system to malfunction too, so always turn your furnace off the minute you detect it.

2)    Mold

Mold and mildew leave a stale musty odor behind, and if there’s some in your system that odor is going to spread. Even worse, the air being blown by your furnace can carry mold spores through your house. You need a trained technician to hunt down the source of the mold.

3)    Formaldehyde

A smell of formaldehyde or similar chemicals usually means that the heat exchanger has cracked: a serious problem requiring immediate attention, since it could release gas into your home. Modern furnaces have safety features that will shut off the system in such circumstances, but if the smell is linked to an inability to turn the system on, you may have pinpointed the issue.

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