3 Heating and AC Repairs Caused by Clogged Air Filters in Huntsville, TX

Forced-air heating and air conditioning systems, like furnaces, heat pumps and central AC, are all great options for many homeowners across the country. One of the most common causes of problems with these systems is a clogged air filter. The air filter is there to keep insects, dust and dirt from getting into the moving parts of the system. Because of all the use that your heating and air conditioning systems get, this filter can get clogged and needs to be replaced regularly.  If it isn’t changed regularly it can cause serious problems with your heating and AC systems.

Here at Ardon Maintenance we know the importance of getting your heating system regularly maintained.  We are the Huntsville, TX air filter and heating maintenance technicians that you can count on to keep your heating system working well. We wanted to let our customers know about 3 of the most common heating repairs that can be caused by a clogged air filter.

Furnace Repairs from Clogged Air Filter

Furnaces are very susceptible to serious damage from clogged air filters. Your furnace heats your home by burning fuel and heating up a heat exchanger. Your fan pushes cool air over the heat exchanger which warms it. If that flow of air is restricted it can cause big problems. Contact the Huntsville, TX air filter experts at Around Maintenance to get yours regularly changed.

  • Overheating – If there isn’t enough air flowing over the heat exchanger it can overheat and shut down.
  • Cracked heat exchanger – If your heat exchanger is allowed to repeatedly heat up and cool it can cause the heat exchanger to crack. This is very dangerous because it might allow carbon monoxide to leak into your home.
  • Increased repairs – When the air flow is restricted through your furnace it can cause it to work harder and experience more wear and tear. This can lead to increased repair.

Heat Pump Repairs from Clogged Air Filter

Your heat pump can also experience problems from a clogged air filter. But because heat pumps don’t burn fuel to create heat there isn’t as much of a health risk. But a clogged air filter can cause your heat pump to work inefficiently and could cause it to require more frequent repair.

Contact the Huntsville, TX air filter and heating maintenance professionals at Ardon Maintenance for all your maintenance services.

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