3 Benefits of a Radiant Heating System

Radiant heating systems serve as an alternative to the traditional furnaces and boilers that heat most Huntsville, TX homes. Those systems are quite reliable, but they don’t offer many of the advantages of a radiant system, and while radiant heating has a significant up-front cost, the benefits can easily outweigh it. Radiant heating works by installing coils or tubes beneath the floorboards of your home, which gently warm the room directly through your feet or the furnishings. If you’re looking to purchase a new heating system this fall, consider these 3 benefits of radiant technology.

1.     Increased Efficiency

Radiant heating moves the heat directly into your body through your feet of the furniture. This eliminates the heat energy that traditional systems lose by forcing it through the air. As a result, you feel just as warm and comfortable without spending nearly as much money in monthly costs. Furthermore, because there’s no fan to run or water to boil, the system uses very little energy, which further puts money back in your pocket.

2.     Improved Health and Comfort

Boilers and forced air systems can carry bacteria and other illnesses through the air, circulating them throughout your home. Radiant heating won’t do that since it’s not blowing any air. That also provides a more even and comfortable heating experience, free of drafts or cold spots that a different system might create.

3.     Reliability

Radiant heating systems make a good fit for rural houses of those off the grid in part because of their low energy use, but also because they are extremely reliable. They have few moving parts and because they’re placed under your floorboards, they don’t suffer from much wear and tear. That means few repair bills, which can help eliminate the worry from homeowners’ minds.

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