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Why Is My Furnace Making a Strange Noise?

Monday, February 29th, 2016

We can’t all be furnace experts, but it doesn’t take an expert to spot the signs that something’s wrong with yours. Furthermore, now is the time to keep an extra close eye on your furnace, since we’re reaching the end of heating season here in Madisonville, TX. That’s usually the time when trouble arises, since your heater has likely been running most days since winter began. The easiest way to spot signs that something’s wrong is to listen for a strange noise coming from your furnace: anything out of the ordinary suggests a problem that needs fixing. The minute you hear such a noise, shut off your heater and summon a repair service. (more…)

Late Winter Heating Repair Issues

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

We’re coming to the tail end of winter here in Huntsville, TX, with a few more weeks of cold weather followed by the beginnings of spring. Your heating system has likely seen regular use for several months. Now is usually the time when repair calls to our offices start to spike, as all that use leads to problems that can’t wait until spring. A timely maintenance session can help catch potential repair issues before they shut your furnace down, but you should also look for any late winter heating repair issues that may crop up. Here’s a list of a few of them for you to consider. (more…)

3 Odors in Your Furnace to Beware of

Monday, February 15th, 2016

Furnaces have a lot of ways of signaling a problem, from clanging noises to a sudden, unexpected spike in your monthly bills. But those signs are not just limited to what you can see or hear. Smells can be a good indication of a serious problem, and since air is distributed throughout your home via the duct s when your furnace is running, you can usually pick up on a bad smell right away. Our furnaces have already seen a lot of use here in Huntsville, TX this winter. Now is the time to watch for signs of trouble, including those when you can smell but not see. Here are 3 odors in your furnace to beware of. (more…)

What is a Backflow Prevention Device?

Monday, February 8th, 2016

The sewer system here in Huntsville, TX is first rate, and when linked to your home plumbing system can easily transport contaminated water out of your toilets and sinks to be safely processed and disposed of. There’s just one problem. For all of our technological advances, water still can flow both ways, which means that non-potable water can come up your pipes in the right (or wrong) circumstances. The solution is a backflow prevention device, installed at the apex of your home plumbing system and protecting you from the issue of backflow. Here’s how it works. (more…)

How to Detect a Cracked Heat Exchanger in Your Furnace

Monday, February 1st, 2016

Between the burners in your furnace that create the heat and that air that needs to be warmed before being blown into your home, sit the heat exchangers: shaped metal designed to transfer the heat into the air while removing the toxic exhaust from the burning gas in the process. It’s an effective system that makes forced-air furnaces one of the staples for heating in Huntsville, TX. Heat exchangers don’t normally have moving parts, but the shifts in temperature that come with running the furnace can cause stress on the metal, and over time it could result in cracks or similar damage. A cracked heat exchanger is a big problem because it reduces efficiency in your furnace, and in some cases may leak dangerous exhaust gasses into your home. Here’s a few ways to detect a cracked heat exchanger in your furnace. If you notice these signs, shut off the furnace and call a repair service right away. (more…)