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What Are the Benefits of LED Lighting?

Friday, June 27th, 2014

LED stands for “light emitting diode.” It could also stand for “less electric dilemmas,” since switching over from traditional lighting methods to LED lights in your home will bring you enormous benefits that mean fewer light replacements and greater energy savings. Thanks to advancing technology, LED lights are no longer limited to narrow-beam use and can replace most of the incandescent lights you currently use for illumination in your home.

Our team at Ardon Maintenance advocates that you investigate the installation of LED lighting in Madisonville, TX if you’ve grown weary of watching rising energy bills to light your home. There are many benefits to replacing standard lights with LED lights; here are some of the major ones:

Unmatched longevity

The diodes of LED lights last far longer than the filaments found in standard light bulbs. Most LED light bulbs have a lifespan estimate of 100,000 hours, which means that if you kept a bulb on and never turned it off, it would burn for 11 years. If that same light remained on 8 hours a day, you could expect it to last for 20 years. On the other hand, many incandescent light bulbs are lucky to last 3 years before abruptly burning out.

Efficient performance

Here’s where you’ll save money on your utility bills. LED lights convert 80% of the energy sent to them into light, and lose 20% to heat. Traditional light bulbs are the reverse, losing 80% of their energy to heat, and using only 20% to actually illuminate. When you combine this high efficiency with the life of the bulb, you can see how much the savings with an LED light will start to accumulate: four times the efficiency over almost ten times the life.

Reduced heat

As part of LED lights’ efficiency, they also produce far less heat. This means a much more comfortable home, and during the summer you won’t need to run your air conditioning system as much to overcome the higher heat level sent into your living space from the bulbs.

Good for the environment

If you are interested in finding greener ways to power your home, LED lights are a great option. They do not contain harmful elements like mercury that will damage the environment and they are completely recyclable. Their long lifespan means that they can save on the production and eventual waste of 25 incandescent bulbs.

It’s true that LED lights are more expensive to install than incandescent bulbs; however, this initial price tag is minimal compared to the savings and advantages listed above. When you invest in LED lighting in Madisonville, TX, you are really making a decade-long (at least!) investment in energy savings and the environment, as well as quality lighting with little UV radiation.

To find out more about how to have LED lighting installed throughout your home, call the expert electricians at Ardon Maintenance today.

Causes of Dripping Water Under Your Heat Pump

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Heat pumps form an attractive alternative to centralize HVAC systems: combining the features of a heater and an air conditioner into one single unit. They use the same basic system as air conditioners – cycling refrigerant through a series of valves and coils that creates both hot and cool air. The only difference is that heat pumps use the hot air to warm your home in the winter, while air conditioners simply vent it outside. Otherwise, they are nearly identical, and that includes the problems they can encounter form time to time. Take the subject of dripping water for instance. It’s a serious issue for both heat pumps and air conditioners, though when it comes to heat pump repair, Madisonville has services that can correct it. What are the causes of dripping water under your heat pump? We’ve provided a brief list of the answers below.

Dripping water can stem from one of two problems. Heat pumps are equipped with drain pans to collect condensation and remove it from the system via a drain line. When the line becomes clogged or the pan springs a leak, the water will drip out onto the floor. This can also occur if the drain pan is misaligned or missing. In addition, sometimes the pan can become overwhelmed by an excess of liquid dripping into it. This usually stems from a loss of refrigerant, which will create ice on the expansion coils and an excess of water to go with it.

Why is water so dangerous? Because it can drip onto electronic components, causing a short and necessitating a huge repair bill in the process. We have the skills and experience to handle any kind of heat pump repair, Madisonville is a part of our service area, and we can solve the source of the dripping water instead of just treating the symptoms. Give us a call to make an appointment today. You’ll be glad you did!

If you spot dripping water under your heat pump, turn off the unit immediately, and then call the experts at Ardon Maintenance for air conditioning repairs.

Things You Should Never Put Down the Garbgae Disposal

Friday, June 13th, 2014

The garbage disposal makes the modern kitchen more efficient and clean place. With the disposal taking care of breaking down food waste before it enters the wastewater system, you will have far healthier plumbing with fewer clogs and drains choked-off with food particles. You also don’t have to worry about removing excess food to a separate composting container to remove to the trash.

Because the garbage disposal takes on such a tremendous amount of work, it can sometimes suffer mechanical failures and break down. And even though a garbage disposal is designed to help stop clogs in the plumbing, it can also become a victim of clogs itself—especially if you aren’t careful about what you put down the disposal. These kitchen helpers aren’t invincible, so don’t treat them as if they were!

Here is some advice from our Huntsville, TX garbage disposal experts about things you should never place down the disposal. When you do encounter repair trouble with your garbage disposal, call Ardon Maintenance right away: we have 24-hour emergency service to take care of your disposal woes.

Don’t put these down the kitchen garbage disposal!

  • Your hand: We have to emphasize this, because too many people still make this error when a disposal acts up. Reaching down into the disposal to try to get it unstuck can lead to serious injury—even if you have the device unplugged. When in doubt, call for the professionals to handle the trouble.
  • Liquid fat, oil, and grease: A.k.a. “FOG.” These cooking products are in liquid form when they’re hot, which makes them seem innocuous enough for pouring down the disposal along with other food. But all of these materials change into thick solids when they dry, and nothing will jam up the workings of a disposal faster than clogs of grease, fat, or oil. You will still need to pour these out into a separate contained and take them to the trash.
  • Hard food particles: Not all organic waste can go down the disposal. A good rule to follow is “if your teeth can chew it, then your disposal can’t handle it.” This includes bones, un-popped popcorn kernels, thick gristle, and coffee grounds.
  • Actual garbage: The name is misleading—garbage disposals cannot handle inorganic garbage like plastics and paper. Make sure all this waste goes where it should: the trashcan.

Keep your garbage disposal and plumbing healthy

We also handle plumbing maintenance that will keep your pipes and drains as clean as they can be, reducing the chances of clogs and high water pressure in the future.

Rely on professional plumbers to solve trouble with your garbage disposal in Huntsville, TX. Call on Ardon Maintenance for the help you need.

Some of Your Options for Air Cleaners

Friday, June 6th, 2014

How can you have cleaner air in your house without throwing open the windows and doors for a few hours every day? Although fresh air is wonderful sometimes, Texas weather during the summer isn’t very friendly toward homes that do this too often. Whenever you open up doors and outside windows, you reduce the heat seal on your home that helps save energy by keeping out excess warmth.

One option available to you for cleaner air is to install an air cleaner into your home’s HVAC system. You can contact a respected heating and cooling contractor who also specializes in indoor air quality to install the right air cleaner for your home, fit ideally to the ventilation system. Look to Ardon Maintenance in Huntsville, TX for an air purifier selection that will improve the air in your family’s home so you’ll have better health and a more efficient air conditioning and heating system.

A few of the different choices you have for air cleaners

  • Mechanical filters: The standard method of cleaning polluting particles from the air that moves through a ventilation system is the mechanical filter. Your air conditioner and heater already have air filters installed; however these are not primarily for improving air quality, but for protecting the interior of the HVAC system from damage. To improve your air, you’ll need a HEPA filter that can trap particles down to 0.3 microns in size. The weave of fibers in a mechanical filter draws particles and traps them, and prevent 97.8% of contaminants form passing through.
  • Electronic air purifiers: Air purifiers that work from electricity aren’t filters. They instead ionize the air in the ventilation system that passes over them and then draws the particles attached to the ions down onto a plate. Purifiers work more effectively than HEPA filters because they can trap gas, chemicals, and smoke that pass through mechanical filters, stopping the passage of particles down to 0.1 microns in size. Air purifiers require electricity to run, but the benefits they provide to an HVAC system far outweigh the small cost to run.
  • UVGI cleaners: This stands for “ultraviolet germicidal irradiation,” and they use the action of UV lights to kill off bacteria, ranging from molds to viruses. They also affect allergens and many other biological pollutants that can trigger illness. UVGI cleaners do not affect dust and dirt, so you will need to have one installed in connection with another type of filter for a full cleaning effect.

The NATE-certified technicians at Ardon Maintenance are skilled at installing any of the above air cleaners into your home’s ventilation system.

Whether you need UV lights, an air cleaner, or an air purifier in Huntsville, TX, contact our team right away. We will make sure you get what you need to enjoy healthy indoor air.