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Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Friday, May 30th, 2014

The U.S. currently faces a health crisis few people know about, and it’s lurking right inside your home. It isn’t some horrible chemical located in your basement or an infestation of burrowing super-termites attacking your home’s foundations. No, it’s something as simple as the quality of your air. You are probably accustomed to thinking of pollution as something that afflicts only the outdoor air; however, the U.S. EPA has identified that indoor air quality is usually far worse, and it affects millions of people every day.

How can you improve the indoor air quality of your home? There are a variety of ways, and we’ll look at a few of the top options in this post.

For some of the best advice and the installation work to raise your indoor air quality in Madisonville, TX, contact our specialists at Ardon Maintenance today.

Here are some methods to improve indoor air quality

  • Open up doors and windows during the day: This is the simplest way to circulate fresh air through your house and clean out the stale air that moves through your home’s ventilation system. But this has a serious drawback: open windows and doors can cause temperature discomfort, and during summers you can’t keep this up for long. That’s why you’ll need alternatives, such as the rest of these options.
  • Air cleaners and purifiers: Professionals in air quality can select and size special  air filters and air purifiers to go into your ventilation system and work with your air conditioner and heater to clean out contaminating particles and gases. Air cleaners use mechanical filters, like HEPA filters, to trap debris, while electronic air purifiers ionize the air to pull in even the tiniest pollutants, cleaning out smoke and chemicals. Cleaners are simple to install for technicians, and they will do their job with only the need for occasional maintenance.
  • UV germicidal lights: These are designed to attack a specific and serious problem that can afflict your air quality through the ventilation system: the growth of molds that might send out toxic spores into the air. To eliminate these pests and prevent them from returning, technicians will install UV lights that attack the cellular structure of the molds and kill them without causing any damage to your indoor air—no chemicals required! If you suspect mold growth, contact air quality specialists right away, and they will find a method to remediate the problem.

Find the air quality solution you need

Our team at Ardon Maintenance takes your health seriously, and we want to discover the best way to solve your issues with the air inside your house. Call us and schedule an appointment to look into your indoor air quality in Madisonville, TX. Along with air cleaners, purifiers, and mold remediation, we can also balance your home’s humidity and make important repairs to your ductwork.

What To Do When Air Conditioning Repairs Are Too Much

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Like most households, yours is probably on a budget, and that budget accounts for seasonal expenses like air conditioning. But what should you do if your expenses rise due to costly and/or repetitive repairs to your air conditioner? It may be time to replace, but there are a few considerations to review before moving ahead with your air conditioning replacement in Madisonville.

Repairing vs. Replacing

This is often the biggest challenge when considering whether or not it is time for an air conditioning replacement: is it better to continue repairing your current air conditioner or to replace it? Only you can truly decide what is in your best interest, but there are some common sense guidelines to follow. First, how much are you really spending on repairs in total to keep your air conditioner going? How does that number compare to the cost of installing a new one? Is it far less or almost the same amount?

Second, are you constantly repairing one particular part repeatedly? How much is this one part costing you overall? If you find yourself repeatedly fixing one part of your AC, it may be in your best interest to see how much this one item is costing you in both time and money.

What Is In Your Best Interest?

Once you’ve taken a good look at your repair expenses versus the cost of a replacement system, ask yourself this: is it in your best interest to keep your air conditioner running with these repairs, or it is better to replace it? If it isn’t completely clear, take things a step further and see what your future spending may look like with your current AC versus a new AC:

  • Energy efficiency – how energy efficient is your current air conditioner – does it have a SEER number of 13? If not, you may be paying more for monthly electricity than you would with a new system.
  • Being “Green” – air conditioners were notorious for emitting lots of greenhouse gases due to use of Freon as the refrigerant. Since 2006, use of Freon in new systems was outlawed and any new air conditioning products produced needed to use a more Earth-friendly refrigerant called R-410A. Does your air conditioner still use Freon?
  • Fewer Repairs – obviously one of the great benefits of a new system is that it will not require the level of repair an older one can. With regular maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs that may have been making a big dent in your wallet.

Are Your AC Bills Too Much? Speak with a Professional

Many factors that should be considered before replacing your air conditioner.

Before making any decisions, call Ardon Maintenance today and schedule an appointment with one of our AC replacement professionals.

Why Are Ductless Systems Better Than Centralized Systems?

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Ductless forced-air HVAC systems—also known as ductless mini split heat pumps—have existed for many years. But they have only made a significant impact in homes during the last decade, when they became a viable alternative to the standard central heating and cooling systems that connect to ventilation networks. Instead of using ductwork, these ductless systems instead send air directly into rooms through wall-mounted blowers. The multiple blowers connect through refrigerant and power lines to a single outdoor unit that serves as the condenser and evaporator for the heat pump.

“Ductless” sounds like a major advantage for a comfort system. Are ductless mini split heat pumps inherently superior to standard central systems? In some cases, absolutely. It depends on your home, however, and to reap all the following advantages, you need to make sure that you’ve chosen the correct system. Call Ardon Maintenance to find out if ductless air conditioning in Huntsville, TX is an ideal choice for your home.

Some advantages of going ductless

  • Zone control: A ductless mini split heat pump is a “zone control system,” which means that you can manipulate the temperature in different rooms (or “zones”) independent of each other. A central air conditioner and heater will affect the temperature throughout a home, whether you need it for certain rooms or not. But ductless systems permit you to control individual blowers and shut off the cooling/heating to rooms that no one is using. This will save you money off your utility bills each year, and it allows for people in the house to adjust the temperatures in a room to meet their own needs without affecting the rest of the house.
  • Improved indoor air quality: One of the major disadvantages of ductwork is that it gathers and traps dust, dirt, debris, and other particles circulated from indoors and then re-introduces them into your air. Without ducts, you eliminate a major source of indoor air pollution. Ductless systems are especially helpful if people with allergies to airborne contaminants live in your home.
  • Increased space: Ductwork takes up a large amount of space in a home, and many older houses do not have them at all. Instead of performing a massive re-model to allow for ductwork, or relying on under-powered window air conditioners, you can have a ductless mini-split heat pump installed and bypass the problem. Ductless systems are also ideal for new construction and add-on rooms, removing the hassle of building around a ventilation network.

Should you go ductless?

Ductless mini split heat pumps are fantastic if you are building a new home or live in a home that does not have any ducts: in both cases, there’s rarely any good reason to go with central heating and air.

However, if you already have ductwork, you might be better served with a standard heat pump. To find out more, speak to the Ardon Maintenance installation professionals today.

How to Factor Plumbing into Your Kitchen Remodel

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Kitchen remodeling is a big undertaking, requiring planning and foresight before work even begins. On the plus side, a good contractor can turn a depressing space into something truly wonderful. But you need to have a good contractor on your side and you need to keep all of the variables in mind as you plan. Sometimes, your fondest wishes come straight up against cold hard reality, whether it be the budget, the confinements of space, or what have you. Numerous companies handle kitchen remodels in Madisonville, TX, but only the best will work with you to resolve those issues. Take plumbing for instance. Here’s a few tips on how to factor plumbing into your kitchen remodel.

The Role Plumbing Plays in a Kitchen Remodel

In the first case, most types of kitchen plumbing need to go against the wall. Your sinks, refrigerator hook-ups and similar attachments require piping that can and should be run through the walls, where they remain unobtrusive and comparatively easy to set up. You may want a faucet set up on a kitchen island or similar location. That can work, but you’ll probably need to run new piping through the floors to do it: which can add more expense to the overall project.

You’ll also need to consider practical convenience when setting up your plumbing fixtures. A faucet may look quite pretty in a certain location, but at some point, you’re going to need to prepare food and clean dishes in it. That usually means giving it plenty of counter space on either side as well as space to stand comfortably in front of it. Otherwise, you’re sacrificing practicality for the sake of aesthetics.

All kitchens are different, of course, and no single remodeling project is like any other. That’s why you need the experts at Ardon Maintenance to help out. We handle kitchen remodels in Madisonville TX and we’re dedicated to realizing your vision within the space and budget you have available.

We can provide solid advice on how to factor plumbing into your kitchen remodel, then perform the job with professionalism and pride. Call us today to set up a consultation.  You’ll be glad you did!

Signs of Condenser Problems with Your Air Conditioner

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Keeping cool in the summer demands quality air conditioning in Huntsville, TX. With the hot temperatures of summer right around the corner, having your air conditioner run optimally is a priority. As a homeowner, you know there are a number of things that can go wrong with your AC system; today we’re going to give a few examples of what to look for with your air conditioner’s condenser unit.

What Is The Condenser?

The condenser unit of your air conditioning system helps remove heat. The condenser resides in the outdoor part of your unit, with the condenser fan on top, blowing out hot air. Because the condenser is responsible for the release of heat, any malfunction of it can put a great deal of stress on the rest of your system. This is why it’s important to have an Ardon Maintenance expert inspect your AC system as soon as you detect a problem.

Signs of Potential Condenser Problems

When it comes to your condenser, there are several parts that can have problems, including the fins, the coils and the fan – but all can have a similar effect on your system:

Sign 1: Not Enough Cool Air Blowing/ Only Warm Air Is Blowing

If the condenser coils can’t cool properly, due to being dirty, clogged or corroded, the refrigerant inside them doesn’t cool down sufficiently for the rest of the system. Bi-annual maintenance can help prevent excessive dirt and dust build-up.

Sign 2: Decrease in Air Flow

The outdoor unit of your air conditioner – where the condenser resides – has thin, metal fins that are easily bendable. If too many are bent, the air flow entering the system, and throughout the system, can decrease.

Sign 3: Banging or Clanking Sounds

The fan on your outside unit is part of the condenser. If parts of the fan – such as the blades, ball bearings or belts – become worn out or broken, components may become loose and potentially break off, causing banging or clanking when the unit turns on.

Effects of Condenser Problems

Problems with your condenser can lead to:

  • Decrease in efficiency
  • Stress on your system
  • Potential damage and/or breakdown

Call Us for an Appointment

Air conditioning in Huntsville, TX isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Make sure to schedule regular maintenance in order to help prevent these issues before they happen.

Don’t let a potential problem with your air conditioning condenser unit make a hot day hotter – if you think you may have a problem with your condenser, schedule an appointment with Ardon Maintenance today.