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Common Air Conditioning Repairs We See in Late Summer

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Although we get a bit of relief from the intense heat when fall comes around, we still need air conditioners working hard for us during the late summer. But few things put as much strain on a modern AC as much as the force of a full Texas summer! At Ardon Maintenance, we perform many air conditioning repair jobs in Madisonville, TX around summer’s end. We’ll share the most common ones with you to give you a sense of how you can keep your own system in shape for the rest of the year.

If you need repairs, contact our AC specialists today to schedule an appointment.

Common Late Summer AC Repairs:

Recharging refrigerant: The refrigerant in your air conditioner—the chemical compound that moves heat from your home to the outdoors—does not dissipate during operation. However, leaks can develop along the fixed circuit where the refrigerant flows and lower its level (known as its “charge”). When that happens, your AC will have difficulty absorbing enough heat from the indoor air to cool you down. To repair this problem, we not only have to seal up the leak, we must also recharge the refrigerant to its proper level.

Replacing compressors: The reason refrigerant moves around your AC is because of a pump called the compressor. When you notice a shift in the noise your air conditioner makes as it begins the cooling cycle, it’s the sound of the compressor turning on. But an overtaxed compressor can fail, and then you won’t get any heat at all. Usually a failed compressor unit must be replaced.

Fixing trouble from clogged air filters: We hope you’ve changed your air filter at least once a month during the summer to keep it from getting collecting too much dust, lint, and dirt. If the air filter gets too clogged, it can cause numerous other problems throughout your system, particularly damage to the interior mechanisms. It’s easy to change a dirty filter… but it’s much more work cleaning coils, motors, and fan blades contaminated because of a dirty filter. A dirt-clogged AC will run inefficiently and wear down faster.

We hope the end of your summer is a pleasant and cool one, and that your air conditioner is still working its best for you. But if you need any of the above work done, or if you need an expert to diagnose a problem, you should call the Madisonville, TX air conditioning repair experts at Ardon Maintenance right away.

The Most Common Generator Repairs We Perform

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Texans pride themselves on their independence, which is why you see a lot of generators in Madisonville, TX and similar towns. Not only do generators provide reliable power during inclement weather, but it gives homeowners a sense of self sufficiency when doing so: the notion that they can stand on their own two feet without assistance from anyone else. That’s why the experts at Ardon Maintenance pride themselves on first-rate generator repair services. We’re accustomed to handling a number of different problems, which help us to quickly identify and correct any issues you may have with your generator.

The most common generator repairs we perform include the following:

  • Low oil levels. When you have to run your generator, it may need to run for quite some time, and oil can run low as soon as 24 hours after you activate it. Unless it’s changed regularly – something that can be tough to do after inclement weather – it can cause considerable damage to the generator’s components. That can result in overheating, worn parts and eventual shutdown. Keep plenty of oil and filters in reserve when you start running your generator to prevent this kind of failure.
  • Leaking liquids. In addition to oil, most generators require diesel fuel to run and use coolant to help regulate internal temperatures. When any of these materials start to leak, it spells trouble. Leaks can spring from ruptured lines, but build-up (such as carbon or oil build-up) in the system itself, from issues with individual components such as crankcase breathers or from “wet stacking” caused by running the generator with no load.
  • Improper sizing. Generators need to be properly sized in order to do their jobs. Too small and it will labor to keep up with the load. Too large and it may suffer from “wet stacking” or similar issues. Make sure you anticipate your power needs and purchase a generator that matches the proper size for your needs.

In all these cases, Ardon Maintenance can provide sound advice, as well as timely service when the time comes to make repairs. Generatorsspeak to the independences of our community. Let us help you maintain that independence, both with the most common generator repairs we perform and with more unusual issues. Give us a call today when you need help with your generators in Madisonville, TX!

What’s the Difference Between PEX Piping and PVC?

Monday, September 9th, 2013

When it comes to plumbing, the pipes are everything. Potential problems (and the solutions to them) hinge as much on the composition of your pipework as the installation. We pride ourselves on self-reliance in towns like Huntsville, TX. Plumbing can often be a part of that self-reliance, with do-it-yourselfers endeavoring to treat problems themselves. But before you do so, it pays to know a little bit about the components involved, as well as the reasons why it may be smarter to call in a certified plumber. This is particularly true when comparing the differences between PEX piping and PVC piping: two of the most common types used in homes.

PVC piping is an older form of piping, and if you’ve ever dealt with a sprinkler system, you’re probably quite familiar with it. It consists of white plastic pipes linked together with plastic fittings and bonded with liquid cement. Its lightweight size and comparative strength make it a reliable way of carrying water, and its low cost and ease of installation can be quite appealing. On the other hand, the rigid nature of PVC piping means you may have to use more fittings to get it around any obstacles or corners. That increases the risk of leaks, since improper application of the bonding cement can easily lead to a rupture.

PEX piping on the other hand, uses a more advanced manufacturing process, resulting in a flexible and versatile length of pipe. This eliminates the difficulty of maneuvering the pipe around corners, and the fitting system makes connections much easier than with PVC piping. On the downside, PEX piping tends to break down when exposed to sunlight. Furthermore chlorine can damage the piping, and while most civic water supplies are safe to drink, small amounts of chlorine still slip in.

So which piping works best? That depends on the specifics of your situation. A trained expert can sit down and discuss the options with you after taking a look at your home and seeing about your needs. In Huntsville, TX, plumbing services fall under the realm of Ardon Maintenance. We can explain the differences between PEX piping and PVC to you in clear detail, then set up a schedule to install or repair them that won’t leave you calling far-off plumbing services in Houston for help.

Contact us today and let us meet your Huntsville, TX plumbing needs.

Why We Celebrate Labor Day

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

We wish our present and future customers a pleasant Labor Day this September. We know how hard you work to ensure that you and your loved ones have a good life, and we feel the same way about the work that we do throughout the year. Home comfort is our business, so you can rely on our technicians to take care of any issues that you may have. To us, Labor Day means BBQ, the start of the football season, and spending quality time with our friends and family.

Like many US holidays, the origins of Labor Day are somewhat disputed. While many cite Peter J. McGuire’s (of the American Federation of Labor) suggestion of a demonstration and picnic as the inaugural Monday, others cite Matthew Maguire, then secretary of the Central Labor Union of New York. In the wake of the massive and violent Pullman Strike of 1894, which pitted George Pullman and US Marshals and Military against workers of the Pullman Palace Car Company outside Chicago. Designated as a federal holiday by Congress and President Grover Cleveland in 1894, a mere six days after the strike ended, Labor Day has since become a way of recognizing the contribution that hard working Americans have made to this country.

We wish you all the best this Labor Day. Make sure that you take the time to relax, eat some good food, and take a load off.